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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

If You Don’t Have Anything to Say


fireThe awesome Joe Koufman has been great lately about sharing to the Atlanta blogger community some articles and insights on better blogging.   The most recent one was this article    The point that jumped out at me here is “Whatever you write, write it with passion.”

I was glad to hear this, and here’s why.   I often feel guilty for not being the set-your-watch-by-my-posts kind of writer. I just don’t have the rhythm of ideas and creative juices.   My best brain waves come in blasts. Tsunamis, I suppose. You never know when they will come, but when they arrive, I need to be ready using tools like these.

But I admit, I do sometimes feel a little lazy for not writing daily, so sometimes, I will sit down during my morning routine and start to hammer out something from thin air.  It never works.  I don’t post it if I don’t love it.

Seeing this article about writing with passion is exactly in line with my habits. If I’m not dying to say it, then I don’t say it.   If I can actually stand to wait saying it, then it’s not worth saying.

So for those who do follow my tsunami rhythm, I thank you. I promise to write only what I’m passionate about and hopefully there will be some value somewhere for someone.