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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

ADHD Writing Habits


Batches of content. That’s how I approach this blog.  Thank goodness for WordPress “schedule post” feature.  I haven’t found that the discipline that others have to sit down at the same time each day and be able to produce works for me.   It just doesn’t. What does work though, is to have the tools in place when a surge of ideas come to me. I work in Evernote. I have different notes for different thoughts, posts, and projects.

When I’m in “work mode” (not writing mode) … that is, responding to e-mails creating/reading official documents, or spreadsheets, I embrace the need to focus. I try to close e-mail (unless that’s the project) and never leave the window on screen that requires my attention to complete the project.   It’s hard to do, but it leads to GSD.

On the other hand, when I’m writing, I find that one idea will lead into another thought that deserves a separate thread. I guess this is embracing the ADHD. I’ve now learned the habit of grabbing it, jumping over to a new note and starting there.  It has worked well. I usually am able to jump back to the original note/thought once I’ve completed the tangent and sometimes I realize it’s not worth posting and should be trashed, but other times I have clear thinking and finish it easily.

I’m just now realizing how ADHD this is, but it really works for me, and it’s part of the reason I’ve started to enjoy writing so much. I’m just going with the flow and not trying to force it.

I believe that enjoying the act of writing is the only way you get any value from it. If you don’t enjoy it, your output sucks and nobody cares.   At least if you enjoy it, even if your output sucks, you’ve already gained the value you were seeking from the act of doing it.



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