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Advice from Arthur Blank


Arthur Blank, Entrepreneur, Falcons Owner

Arthur Blank, Entrepreneur, Falcons Owner

This past Sunday, I attended an Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Atlanta gathering at the Georgia Dome.   EO hired a couple of NFL teams to play a little game for us, and invited 71,228 of our closest friends to come too. It was a good time.   The best part of the day was spending time with Arthur Blank in an intimate Q&A tailgate session before the game. The questions were good and Mr. Blank’s answers were great.

My favorite question was about preparation, measuring success and his role as the owner. He said that his goal is that in the summer prediction season he wants the Falcons to be consistently considered the Top 5 powerhouses in the league.

This struck me. I thought that the last thing he would care about is preseason predictions. But as Mr. Blank puts it: the owner’s job is to be sure he has the right people doing the right jobs.  If you let people do their jobs and have trust and respect for them, the rest will take care of itself. If you have done that and you have shown that these people can deliver, the world will know you are for real. Then it’s up to the team to deliver.

Such a huge entrepreneurial lesson here for all leaders — getting the right people in the right jobs is hands down the most important thing you will do.


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