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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.





As most of my readers know, I’ve been spending my time the last few months in search of my next venture.  It has been an amazing process where I’ve considered startups of every shape and size across many industries, of many different sizes, and with many combinations of need of energy, time, and money.

I guess it’s a lot like looking for love… but without expanding that metaphor (that could get ugly given that I think a portfolio approach has merit to businesses), I’ll jump straight to the punchline.  In the last six weeks I’ve experienced and started to build out something that is, thus far, actual love at first sight.

Without going into the venture itself (it still needs a little more time in the oven before I go deeply into it for you), I do want to share with you an amazing source of energy that I’ve noticed about this next business: ALIGNMENT.

What I mean is that all those cliches about “do what you love, and the money will follow” and “be yourself in everything” are finally coming true for me. I feel like I have finally landed on an idea, a venture, a business that fits me.   The real me.   It’s not the me that thinks it would be neat to own a factory that makes something.  That’s not the real me and neat is not a sustainable personal energy source. It’s not the me that knows I’m deep down a guy who loves complicated projects with lots of moving parts but thinks he wants to do something simple for a change.  I should know better… boredom is a disease I must battle regularly.      It’s also not the me that believes I could force myself to get excited about a low quality product that has ridiculous margins. I couldn’t do it, no matter how great the margins.

I have found alignment.  I believe this next venture can put my business in alignment with my values. My business dreams, goals, visions, could actually align with my family’s dreams and goals. My newfound love for learning through writing aligns with this business. My appreciation for personal energy as a tool to become more effective as a human being align with this business.  My enjoyment for meeting high-energy, full throttle people aligns with this business.

With this alignment, I can already tell that I will be able to kill lots of birds with fewer stones. The energy and effort I apply to growing myself will grow the business. My associations, my contacts, my years of experience all will make me more effective and give me a nice competitive advantage in this business.

A successful guy once told me:

If you get your family in order, everything else will just hum along and accelerate.  You get your self and your family clicking along and your business and everything else you do will fall in line.

I agree with that, and I now I want to add to it that if your business WHY is in alignment with your personal WHY, that this too can help things fall in line.

Love at first sight.

Now are you ready to know what the business is?  Did I sell you on it? Good, now I just need you to sign up 3 friends for it. Then have them each sign up 3 friends, then have them each sign up 2 friends. You can make money with me. It’s amazingly simple.   ;)




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