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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Angry Running


Angry Running for Entrepreneurs- Doesn't Work for MeI was talking to an entrepreneur recently and he was telling me about something in his company that was really upsetting him.  It was making him truly angry and he couldn’t shake it.   I asked him how he planned to deal with the anger and he said something I’ve heard others say: “I need to get out and run. I need to pound it out on the pavement. That always helps me feel better.”

Obviously he knows what works for him, but for me, angry running doesn’t work.

Running is my good, happy, thinking sanctuary where my mind can relax and I can do my best creative work.   The few times I’ve tried the “pound it out on the pavement” technique, I’ve found myself even more miserable.  I think the negative energy just makes the body feel bad, and trying to use the negative feelings to get back to a good side of the emotional cycle, just doesn’t work for me.  My best runs, my best work, my best thinking comes from when I am happy. I bet you are the same way.

For me, when I’m angry, the best thing to do is things I don’t like doing already. Go ahead and do some miserable paperwork, reconciling bank statements, doing expense reports, or do a manual chore around the house that I don’t enjoy doing. I wouldn’t say it feeds the negativity, but it just keeps me in alignment and helps me get through the cycle faster and on the other side.

So think about how you let go of negativity and try to protect the places and activities that give you truly positive energy from the things that disrupt your goodness.



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