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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Automating Relevance – Awesome Startup Insightpool with Inspirational Ideas


I rarely write about specific startup companies on this blog, but lately, I just can’t get this one out of my head, because their ideas are so potentially helpful to so many professionals and businesses.

Insightpool is a startup in the Atlanta Tech Village that is working to crack the code on automating relevant interactions on twitter and other social media.   What does that mean?

I’ll give you some examples and you’ll see why I think they are working on something special.

This morning I heard an interview with Rep. Paul Ryan on the radio and I was really impressed with him. So I decided to shoot out a tweet giving him a plug.  Nothing much happened from that tweet other than a few favorites from my own network.  But what if @RepPaulRyan’s office had a tool that enabled them to listen very closely to the entire twitter-verse for mentions like that, and then not only Follow, and Retweet me, but somehow engage me in a discussion about something relevant to their work.   This is what Insightpool is working to crack.

Or even more relevant — let’s say I decide to start working in the yard tomorrow, and I mention on Twitter that the kids could use a new swing set.   What if @TheHomeDepot could see that (without me mentioning them by name), and shoot me some links to stuff in my local store that I could go pick up on special. Or even hotter– what if they sent me a friendly discount code that is only for me, only for one day, only for the stuff that I need.  Then what if they saw that I used the discount code to buy some swing accessories, followed up with me the next day to ask how it went.  What if they even asked me for a photo of the kids on the new swing set.

That is some cool stuff, and with the work of cool tech startups like Insightpool, we’re headed in that direction. Can’t wait!

ps. If my friends in Vinings over at are reading this and haven’t already reached out to Insightpool, it’s  Happy swing set building!


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