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Batman is Real. The Dark Knight isn’t just a Movie.


Dark Knight - Batman for EntrepreneursLast week I had a birthday, so I snuck away during the afternoon and saw Dark Knight Rises.   Despite the silly plots, I still love these Batman movies. They are so well done, I leave the theatre inspired and fired up.

Here are some thoughts on why Dark Knight is awesome from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Batman inspires people to action.

“It’s about the symbol, not the man.” was a quote from the movie. That moved me. Awesome. When times are tough, people are inspired to see the burning bat symbol and are inspired to get off their butts and take action.

Having Resources Matters.

Money enables greatness to come to life. No doubt Bruce Wayne’s money makes Batman more of a bad dude… the toys really do matter.

BUT… Being on FIRE will get you out of a tight spot.

When he is in the prison and has to… I won’t ruin it… The way he has to get out… oh never mind.  He has to trust his own physical strength. He has to overcome his fears and his emotions. The most effective weapon Batman has is Bruce Wayne’s inner-fire.

And as far as the movie goes… not related to the story, but the film itself…

The Experience Matters 

The storyline, admitedly, didn’t inspire me much. It’s the music, the emotion, the human spirit, the theatrics that get me going.  I’ve said it before that the details of the customer experience make all the difference. Christopher Nolan gets that and brings together a powerful combination of camera work, music, and emotion driving shots.

Last point.

When I leave a movie like this I am ready to be Batman. I’m ready to kick the bad guys’ butts. I’m ready to succeed like Bruce Wayne. It’s a HIGH, for sure. But then as my mind starts adjusting back to the real-world, there is a little annoying voice that says:

“It was just a movie, dummy. Just a story. Not real. You can’t do anything like that. Get back to being serious.”

But I don’t agree with that inner voice. It’s more than a movie if it creates personal energy. If it creates inspiration that leads to action that leads to motion, momentum, and success. Then it is very real indeed.  So guys, when you watch an “action movie,” and you leave fired up to go fight some bad guys, instead find an actual “action” that you can do to pursue the same values and glory that the good guys in the movie pursued.


ps. “Dark Knight” was still the best Batman movie ever.


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