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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Be Impressed with Yourself


Club House Sign Up SheetThere’s nothing I’ve done to take credit for this, but my oldest son, Michael, is pure entrepreneur. See the image to the right.  Here’s the story.

A few weeks ago, we found an LED light from a broken toy.   He shined it on his whiteboard and noticed it made a funny shape. So he held it up, and traced it with a marker. Then he colored it in and noticed it looked like a letter “C”.   So then (after just learning what a “Logo” is from his dad), he decided to take the C and turn it into CLUB HOUSE.

For two weeks now he’s been drawing his “Club House” logo on everything and then a few days ago decided to make a sheet like the one you see in this image.   He now has gotten 20 kids from his class to sign up for the “Club House… Over 3 Fun Activities!!!

Margaret and I were a little perplexed as to what we will do since he was expecting that all 20 kids will just show up at our house this weekend to enjoy their new membership. But we’ve decided to tell him that when the weather warms up, we’ll have a “club house party” and have parents over too, do a cookout, and let the kids enjoy their 3+ activities.

This morning he was eating his cereal, admiring his signup sheet, and thinking about the big party with all the parents and what he said blew me away:

Dad, I just can’t believe it. It’s so cool how things happen.

Because like, dad, I mean all this started just from that little flashlight and I noticed it made a shape.

And then I drew the shape and all this started from that light and what was in my head.

I mean dad, I just can’t believe it.


Of course the follow-up response from me was to share in his amazement about all the things that we use, have, buy, consume, enjoy… they all came from the mind of someone who decided to turn it into something.  It truly is amazing to ponder.    I was glad to see him proud of himself and amazed and what he had accomplished.

You should be more confident in your abilities, and be a little more amazed with yourself. Confidence is such a major game-changer for any person in any journey.


  • Suresh May says:

    Amazing post Johnson. Wow.

    February 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm

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