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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

BE NICE. Rainforest Axiom 9: Innovation and human emotion are intertwined.


Think about people you don’t like. You probably have some of these at work. Some folks that are just on a different page, rub you the wrong way, or come across as downright offensive to your tastes.   How do you work with these people? Do you think you are more or less effective in a work setting?

In the Rainforest Book, Hwang discusses experiments of team dynamics and shares that research has concluded what our common sense also tells us: “…people that get along better, innovate better.”

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

It is often said that the majority of human communication is nonverbal. The nonverbal signals we give each other are not just an interesting sideshow in the study of communication. Nonverbal signals indicate emotions, and emotions are at the heart of the collaborative process. We cannot understand innovation without recognizing that economic value creation is determined significantly by our emotions toward one another.

This is why I believe our core values at the Atlanta Tech Village are so important. (Be nice, work hard play hard, pay it forward, and dream big).    For our city to become a top tech startup hub, we must share core values such as these beyond our own companies, coworking centers, and meetups.

These values must extend community wide. And I think we’re doing a great job.


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