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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Beware the Negative Ninny


Negative Ninnies are Disguised

Negative Ninnies are Disguised

I had to google “What is a Ninny” to be sure the title was ok. It is. Urban dictionary says a ninny is short for a nincompoop, so yeah that works. You can pretty much define that how it sounds like it should be defined.

You may have noticed that there are people in the world who are quite negative but they don’t realize it. In fact, they often believe they are fun, positive, happy people. They may even fool you into thinking they are laid back, jovial, and a positive influence on you and others around them.  But be careful.

One way you may detect a negative ninny when after you leave their company is that you can’t recall anything positive or meaningful that you talked about together. You didn’t have any good conversation about people around you, about optimistic futures of yourselves, organizations around you, or society in general.   You may have laughed the whole time, you may have been all smiles in your time together, but in the end of the time together, not much good, productive, healthy time can be accounted for.

Your time together is usually good fun… actually, it’s a ton of fun, but it’s probably not sustainable. What is it really accomplishing?  Often, this fun natured humor is at the expense of talking about things that really matter. Sometimes it is even used to cover up something deep down that is really bothering the person. It can be a coping mechanism.  If it’s someone you care about, perhaps you want to try and dig a little deeper to see if you can get beyond the class clown act. But many times, that won’t get you very far with a thick and established Neg Ninny.

The mentors, advisors, and authors that I admire most all say the same thing about negative people. Avoid them.  Don’t try to change them, don’t argue, don’t be sucked into the complaints about the world (even if they are masked with laughter)– go do your own thing. Make the world a better place. Make your world a better place.


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