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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Brer Entrepreneur in The New Wild West


Brer RabbitI received quite a few offline comments back on my post about Insightpool’s ability to automate relevant conversations between companies and individuals. Some were excited; they wanted an introduction to the founders. Others (several) expressed concern about the Minority-Report’esque privacy challenges with social media tools like this.

In the Internet today, we are at the early stages of the New Wild West. The platform is creating new opportunities to connect, learn, and grow by the hour. These opportunities will bring with them new problems and challenges. New grand challenges are food for entrepreneurs.

Challenges mean opportunities to solve them.  Conflict and uncertainty in society are the “briar patch” for little ol Brer Entrepreneurs. (if that doesn’t makes sense to you, shame on you, go here.)

A simplistic example follows, directly from the social marketing automation discussion:

The conversation went like this: “Do I have to assume that everything I say in my online social networks is always going to be available for global consumption? What if I want to have extremely private conversations using these tools?  What if my employer sees me say something that I wouldn’t want them to see? What if an insurance company uses something I say against me?”

The non-entrepreneur, aka common sense answer: “Well just accept that it is what it is and if you don’t want it seen, don’t type it.”

The entrepreneur, “boldly go” answer: “Sounds like you see a problem that needs solving. Maybe you aren’t the only one who sees the problem. Go build something to get you where you want to go and maybe others will see value in it as well.”

As we enter the New Wild West, it will pay to be Antifragile. Entrepreneurship in it’s most awesome, inspirational form is fueled by antifragility.

Oh, and please, please, don’t throw ME into the briar patch!



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