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Cade McDonald – Mr. Positive


CadeMcdonaldMr. Positive, as he’s known in many circles, aka Cade McDonald, is another entrepreneur I admire and respect immensely. I have learned a lot from Cade and am honored to call him my friend. Cade is the Founder & Chairman of, an uber successful online retailer of all things that help with allergies. He’s now found another big deposit of entrepreneurial energy and is a Partner in a Venture Capital firm in Atlanta, United Capital.  Following on yesterday’s post, Cade is also a major keystone individual in the Atlanta entrepreneurial ecosystem.   I am thankful to Cade for answering some of the questions that I hope will inspire others as they have done for me.

  • What do you do as an entrepreneur to balance your most important personal relationships (spouse, kids, family)? 
    I am there for my wife and kids unconditionally.  Family comes first for me.  If I have to miss a dinner, a breakfast, or a bedtime routine, I make it up.  I make an effort to be a good example to my kids and my wife by putting my phone away when I am at home.  I do not miss school, church or after school activity functions.
  • What is your exercise routine? 
    I have a bad back from playing golf.  In the warmer months, March – November, I swim 1500-2000 yards 4 times per week.  In the off season I walk / run 2 times per week.
  • What gives you the most personal energy? 
    My positive attitude and other positive people.  Getting things done.
  • What do you avoid because it drains your personal energy?  Negative people, negative situations, inefficiency and latency.
  • How are you involved in the community? 
    I recently accepted a position on the board of EO and hope to have the opportunity to help other entrepreneurs.  I am on the golf tournament committee at my golf club and I am coaching my older daughters soccer team.  From time to time I help my wife teach Sunday school.
  • Are you involved in a church or other religious organization? How do you think spirituality is important to your entrepreneurial success? 
    Yes, my wife and I are members of Peachtree Presbyterian Church.  We also enjoy listening to Andy Stanley’s series at Buckhead Church.  Spirituality is very important to my entrepreneurial success.  First of all you have to have faith that you can accomplish the near impossible.  Second you have to believe and understand that so many things are out of your hands that you can do absolutely nothing about.  Third, attitude is everything.  Through the music, sermons and fellowship at our church I am constantly learning and maintaining my positive attitude.  I am so lucky and so blessed and I know that everything is going to work out.
  • What are your most proud moments regarding your own legacy?  Obviously finding my wife Ali and having our two beautiful daughters are the three best things that have ever happened to me.  To me my happy, healthy marriage is what I am most proud of.  Having someone so supportive and enjoyable to be around in my life enhances everything.  Secondly being a father to two daughters is something I am proud of.  While there is no such thing as perfect parenting, with the help of my wife, our kids’ teachers, our church and our friends we are doing our best to be great parents.
  • How do you find ways to help others and give back? 
    This is an area I can improve upon greatly.  I help steer other entrepreneurs to the best of my ability.  I encourage them to get involved in organizations like EO.
  • What hobbies are important to you and why do they give you energy? 
    I love golf though I do not play much.  It takes too long and the guilt factor of being away from my family or my work.  I am a passionate amateur photographer.  I love photographing my kids and freezing moments in time.  My organizational skills also come into play here, I have almost 100,000 photographs spread across 12 external hard drives.  I love post processing digital images and I love sharing them with friends and family.  Photography gives me energy because I know I can always improve, learn more and become a better photography.  I also love that my five year old enjoys taking pictures with me.
  • Do you have written personal core values, what are they?
    I do not.  If I did they would like something like this.  Do not lie, ever.  Respect your wife.  Do something nice for your wife today.  Dream big.  Make time in your life for your dreams.  Don’t do things you don’t love.
  • Do you have a personal mastermind group? Can you describe how they give you energy? 
    I am blessed to be involved with EO and to have a forum of people who know absolutely everything about my personal and professional life.  It gives me great comfort that I can and have taken things to them and know that I will not be judged.
  • What competitive advantages do you have as an individual that has made / will make you more successful than the guy you are competing against in business? 
    My first job out of college was as a cold caller at a brokerage firm.  That experience taught me that I can have a comfortable conversation with anyone.  I am hyper-organized and hyper-anal and because of those two things, I miss nothing.


Thanks Cade!



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