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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Calm and Quiet at Hyperspeed


LightspeedThere is nothing in the world like the moments when your startup gains traction: closing deals,  generating value for customers. I mean, no rush, no high, no drug is as intense as this feeling.     I’m experiencing it now with Quench Network.  If you put your head down long enough, focus on the quality of the deliverable long enough, then focus on the right kinds of things (like SALES, sales, sales, and sales… then some more sales)… eventually the magic will start to happen.  And when it does, it happens big. Maybe not big in the way a mature company sees big; but considering you started at exactly $0.00 just a few short months ago and now you are at [anything bigger than $0], your percentage growth is more than it will ever be in the future of the company!  But the excitement isn’t just about the numbers, it’s about the fact that just a little while ago you had NOTHING, you had an idea… and now you have a company. You have gone from a guy or gal with an idea (aka wanapreneuer) to a true entrepreneur.   You turned potential energy into kinetic energy.  What a thrill!

Here’s how it has gone for me. It took me about 5 months of introspection and quiet time before I found the idea that was worthy of my energy. Lots of time reading books like Zen and JLS, writing a ton, and sitting on the beach. It was easy to go slow.  It took embracing being stuck.    Even when I felt like I was stopped and moving and thinking as slow as I could think, I found that there were even slower speeds than slow. You can get quieter than dead quiet. You can get slower than stopped. You really can.

So there I was at the right spot and the right speed when the right idea sprouted… and started growing… and started getting more attention, more energy, and I slowly started speeding up.

Now the idea is in full motion. We are booking classes, taking calls, managing calls, dealing with challenges as soon as they come up and already at full throttle.  It would be so easy to go back to where I was 18 months ago at juggling balls constantly and never feeling like I’m going anywhere. Feeling like the inbox owned me. Like the conference calls are life and everything else has to fit in around it.

But I’m determined not to let that happen. As things are getting faster and the thrill gets more addicting, I’m forcing myself to STOP the madness once a day. Just stop. Go for a walk. READ a book in the middle of the day. And be sure that the energy reserves I was able to build up in all that quiet time not only sustains itself but grows even more.

And as I’m doing it, it’s awesome.  I consider it quite a feat to be going at hyperspeed but remaining calm and quiet. To be moving so fast, but also finding long pauses of life… man, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

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