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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Ripple Effects of Entrepreneurship

This weekend I experienced a joy that we don’t talk about enough in entrepreneurship. Two amazing people that we hired at Peach New Media got married…. to each other!      These two amazing Peaches wouldn’t have met had we not hired them, and that is a powerful thought for an entrepreneur.  

We as entrepreneurs spend most of our time thinking about the first degree impact we have on the world. Creating jobs, solving problems, contributing our direct dollars to the economy.  But should take time to appreciate that the effects of entrepreneurship extend far beyond what we can see.  

So many life-long relationships are formed. Personal networks are built, marriages happen, heck even children are born because of the companies that we create! 

If you’ve created a company that has impacted at least 50 people, I encourage you to take a few minutes and inventory some of the lives you’ve touched. It will give you a nice boost of energy and reminder to keep the big picture in mind.

Also: remember, what you’re doing is bigger than you.


Stories of Margaret with Richard Branson

Richard Branson's Necker Island

Richard Branson’s Necker Island

As I shared recently, my wife Margaret had the opportunity to recently spend a week on Necker Island with a group of entrepreneurs and Sir Richard Branson.   As the wife of an entrepreneur (currently working on Voxa), she puts up with a lot, so the chance to give her a treat to relax and get to know one of the world’s most amazing entrepreneurs was exciting.  She came back transformed and full of life and ideas.    As you would expect, she brought home crazy stories of wild billionaire fun that usually had some impressive life lessons. 

Story #1- Kite surfing piggy back on Richard Branson.  Marg was trying to learn to kite surf and was frustrated at how much training time it takes to actually get to the point of being on the water.   So she decided to simply ask Richard: “will you take me kite surfing?”    Apparently, his first reaction was “Sure, on one condition: see this image [PG13].”   Funny enough, but my clever yet conservative wife was able to negotiate wearing a Cat Woman Costume instead of her birthday suit. He agreed.  Photos below.   It’s an outing she won’t soon forget. 

Lesson: Screw it. Be different.  Just ask. 

Sir Richard Branson

Cat Woman Margaret and Sir Richard (pre-kite surf)

Cat Woman rides piggy back

Cat Woman rides piggy back

Cat Woman Richard Branson Kite Surf

“It was fun to get you up.” – Richard Branson

Story #2- Dance on the tables.    From the photos that returned on the iPhones of the group, it was apparent that dinner on Necker Island involved frequent dancing on the tables.  Sir Richard Loves to dance. Especially on his table. 

- Lesson: Have fun, have fun, have fun. Life is short.

Table dancing Necker Island Dinner

Dinner on Necker Island is always an adventure.

Story #3- Unpredictable ass biting.    On the day of the Cat Woman Kite Surfing, there were pre-event photos of Margaret and Richard gearing up.  They posed nicely smiling, then Richard decides to pick her up, turn her upside down and bite her on the ass. No reason. Just fun. 

- Lesson: I have no idea.  Who cares. It’s hilarious. :)

Richard Branson

Unpredictable ass biting. “Because I can”

Seriously though, the best part about this whole trip is that it was last minute and unplanned.  We had 6 day notice that there was one spot for a female to join the group. Take it or leave it. We try to live spontaneously and be open for adventure when it pops up. This time, that way of living really paid off. 

Necker Island View - Richard Branson's Private Island

Awesome Views at Necker Island

Richard Branson's Lemurs on Necker Island

What? You don’t have lemurs on your private island? (Richard Branson’s Lemurs on Necker Island)

Now enough of this fun stuff, let’s get back to work.

Do me a favor, since you’re here, and go signup for Voxa’s new tool. It will help you do email smarter, spend list time, stop missing things… so you can be ready when the chance to go to Necker Island pops up.