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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Cliff Jumping or Puddle Hopping – Crazy Dramatic Decisions That Aren’t


cliff-jumpingLooking back on my own life, I’ve noticed that the best decisions (that in retrospect seem like obvious good decisions) felt like wildly dramatic leaps with unknown outcomes at the time I made them.   I suspect most of us have the same view.

Getting married. Buying our first house. Starting a company instead of taking a salaried job.  Hiring someone. Firing someone. Deciding to open a line of credit or take money from an investor.  Having a baby. Leaving a salaried job.  Adding a position to the org chart and payroll.  Giving up a responsibility. Moving to another community because of the schools. Firing a client. Saying no to a big opportunity.

All of these are the level of big decisions that cause us to lose sleep, but after we make them, life improves and we often find ourselves on a new trajectory.  If you’re stuck on a path, can see where it leads, don’t love where it heads, and you aren’t sure how to change directions: I propose that you need to consider something that seems dramatic.

When you look back, it will probably appear to be one of the many no-brainers that took you to new heights.

Dream bigger.


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