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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Creating. What a Joy




When I get going on writing these posts, sometimes I can’t stop. When running or swimming causes me to hit a vein of creative juices, it usually gushes forth like an oil strike. (If only it were as lucrative!)

Creating things gives me energy. It gives me joy. Happiness. I think this is true for many people.  It doesn’t just mean creating written content for others to read. Maybe it is creating music, or art, or landscapes, or investment portfolios, or… companies.

In any organization, whether you are in charge or helping out the team, there are always opportunities to create.

Creating things puts together many elements make us happy. First of all, creating requires you to give of yourself. You have to sacrifice something. To create writings, you sacrifice time. To create a sand castle on the beach, you have to put in energy to sit still. You have to put in the patience to build it with the 4-year old.   To create music, it requires many years of training and practice.  To create a house, it’s going to cost you physical energy and lots of money. If you are an educator, you are creating content, experiences, teaching tools. These all require you to apply yourself and push yourself.

But then after you’ve put in whatever your creation demands, there’s something there to show for your sacrifice. It’s a sand castle. It’s a recording of a song. It’s a blog. It’s a house. It’s a memory. It’s a presentation for students. There is a real and lasting “thing” that you just created! It’s gratifying. It gives you joy. It gives you energy.

During my adventure of finding life’s accidents, one of the areas I realized needed attention was that I didn’t have an outlet for creating meaningful things. What a joy that this blog has provided me with that outlet! I get to create. I spend the rest of the day, after writing and creating in the morning, working on even grander creations. Sometimes life requires time be spent on maintenance-related tasks; but what keeps me going is having the opportunity to create.

TODAY, take a look at what you create in your life. Is it meaningful? Is it helpful to the world? to others? To your legacy? If not, find something meaningful to create, and get started!



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