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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.



In relation to the last post about connecting your separate networks, the next axiom reminds us that it’s normal to have closed, separate networks where you live.

Rainforest Axiom 6: High social barriers outside of close circles of family and friends are the norm in the world.

Consider the origins of human society. We’ve always lived in tribes. It’s the safest way to function in the wild. Because of this, there is automatic trust in dealing with someone from your tribe, while at the same time, anyone from outside the tribe could be a threat. Outsiders are unknown. It is our biological nature to distrust them, for our own protection.

This is why we are having such fun with the Atlanta Tech Village. We have a brand, spankin, shiny new tribe!  In less than 90-days, we’ve brought together over 100 individuals, now identifying themselves as “Villagers,” who are getting to know each other better every day.

From our Community Lunches on Fridays to serendipitous elevator rides to afternoon roof relaxation sessions and Piedmont Road crossing expeditions to the Company Cafeteria Chipotle: bonding of former strangers and disconnected networks is happening… fast.

My personal hope is that Villagers in ATV will soon be connecting their other networks to those networks of other Villagers, and the growth of connections in the Atlanta startup community will begin growing at exponential rates.


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