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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Profile – Chris Wegener of


Chris-Wegener_caricatureContinuing the series of successful entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on personal questions about how they build the person that builds their business.  Next up, one of the entrepreneurs that both inspires and encourages me every single week.     Chris Wegener founded in 1999 which has been featured as one of ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ and a finalist in the invitation category on NBC’s ‘Today Show Throws a Wedding.’

  • What is your exercise routine? I try to exercise for one hour, Monday – Friday at 6 a.m. with a boot camp in Buckhead.  Sometimes a long run Sat. or Sun. morning if I’m training for a race.  I love running.
  • What gives you the most personal energy? Although I am often inspired from people I admire, personal energy is easy for me.  I’m just wired that way.
  • What do you avoid because it drains your personal energy? One of the biggest drains I know is negative people.  I try to influence them with humor, and if they don’t ‘get it’ (or think I’m funny) I try and go the other way.
  • What are your most proud moments regarding your own legacy? On the business side, creating a business that people love to work for and customers love supporting.  We’re trying to provide a great work environment and be considered as a best place to work.  On the personal side, I love people and try my best to influence them to be their best and always look on the positive side of things.  Some people have to remember how good they have it!
  • How do you find ways to help others and give back? I have my favorite charities like everyone, but really enjoy giving back to my high school, college and of course, any entrepreneur who wants my honest opinion.
  • Do you have a personal mastermind group? Can you describe how they give you energy?  Without a doubt, my EO Forum is that group.  Their energy, support and ability to see things in a way I might not, is priceless.



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