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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur Profile – Craig Hyde, CEO of Rigor

Continuing my occasional series of successful entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on personal questions about how they build the person that builds their business, we have a good one.     Craig Hyde is the CEO of – a rising star in web performance monitoring companies on the Atlanta tech scene.   I have the pleasure of seeing Craig’s face every day in the Atlanta Tech Village.

What is your exercise routine?
I work out early in the morning (5:30 or 6:30am) before I start my day, otherwise I won’t get to it at all. I aim to get in the gym at least 3x a week and do CrossFit to pack as much into a workout as possible. [Insert plug for Dan MacDougald and CrossFit Atlanta.]

What gives you the most personal energy?
Any challenge. As an entrepreneur, I love when we beat the competition. On the technical side, I love figuring out hacks and workarounds for difficult problems. I also get all pumped up whenever my team mates, Hubert and Kyle, show off their new Rigor creations.

What do you avoid because it drains your personal energy?
Negativity and status quo.

How are you involved in the community?
I’m involved in too many community organizations to count. Keeping a peer network of others who are working on similar things is invaluable to me. A few organizations that I am involved in include:

  • EO Accelerator
  • Atlanta Tech Village
  • Atlanta CEO Council
  • ATDC Select
  • MIT Forum
  • TAG
  • Peachtree Toastmasters

How do you find ways to help others and give back?
I’ve gained a lot from others over the years, so I make it a point to pay it forward when I can. Here are some recent activities I’ve been a part of:

Paying it forward has the added benefit of helping me reflect and better learn from past experiences.

Do you have written personal core values, what are they?
Now I do:

  • Be optimistic
  • Never burn bridges
  • Give first and expect nothing in return
  • Work harder
  • Have fun
  • Get better

Do you have a personal mastermind group? Can you describe how they give you energy?
I’ve got a number of them – All of which are invaluable. Most notable are the connections that I’ve made are through Georgia Tech, EO, and the Atlanta Ventures team.

What competitive advantages do you have as an individual that has made / will make you more successful than the guy you are competing against in business?
I’ve carved out a niche for myself by learning how to bridge the gap between people and technology, where most people focus on one or the other. Also, I tend to aim high in life, and occasionally I’m lucky enough to hit my target. Dream big!



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