Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Evaluating by Doing


Roll up Your Sleeves and Do SomethingMaybe I’m not like many folks, but I like to explore things by doing them.

I’m a very visual person, so when I’m considering going down a path in life, I have found no better way to figure out whether I should go down the path, than by actually going down the path.

I think if you are questioning whether you should do something, you can find the answer by actually doing it.  There are likely many creative options that you haven’t considered for exploring new opportunities. In entrepreneurship, this follows the advice of Guy Kawasaki in the Art of the Start, and is especially enabled by the Lean Startup Movement.   I also love that people are finally realizing Business Plans are a Historical Artifact (quoting Brad Feld).  The best way to explore is to do.


  • Thinking of taking a new job? Do some consulting with the organization first, while you still have your job.
  • Are you a wannapreneur?  Figure out some side projects to actually DO your plan before you go all in. See how it fits, how it feels, how it gets going.
  • Want to launch a new product or service?  Figure out a minimum viable product (MVP) before you build the whole thing, and see if you can get somebody to pay you money for it.

For me, when it comes to launching, creating, building, buying a new business– I have discovered that about 2-4 week period where I think, talk and act as if I am already in that business is the best way to explore and evaluate it. The downsides are minimal and the upside of being educated, aware, and prepared when you decide to dedicate 110% to an opportunity are tremendous.


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