Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

False Deadlines


False DeadlinesWe are rushed a lot.

We recognize that time is in limited supply. The things we choose to invest our time into must be done efficiently.  When we choose to take on a task, we typically default to getting it done as fast as possible. You had to choose that task over at least a hundred other things that needed your attention.

But really… what’s the real rush? Is it really important that you move on to the next thing?  Would life be better if we would just accept that some things need us to slow down?

I find myself creating false deadlines so I can justify rushing through things. Examples: I pretend that I only get one shot at a pitch, so I’d better hurry up with the supporting collateral. I imagine that when I’m working in my lawn, that I’d better hurry up because this way I can hurry to get more quality time with the kids.   Neither of those are usually true.

So sometimes I realize that I’m doing this and I don’t know why. I force myself to take my time. Just focus on enjoying the work. Just focus on quality.  It’s amazing what happens… the quality improves dramatically, and the enjoyment I experience during the work makes it even better.

Next time you are rushed… question your motives. Question your deadlines.


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