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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Analysis of an Inspiring Moment

Beach SunriseOne morning during our recent vacation to my favorite spot on planet earth (Dog Island, FL), I had the pleasure of taking a chair and a cup of coffee down to the beach to enjoy the 30 minutes leading up to and the 30 minutes after the sunrise with my feet in the water. What a joy! Simply indescribable!

… Or is it!?

Once the caffeine started kicking in, my entrepreneurial brain kicked in to ask a question I ask a lot: “What about this experience is so awesome? WHY is this so wonderful?” Is it the colors of the sky? Then why do I not have the same feeling when I see these colors on my Mac?  Is it the sounds of the waves… hmmm… well the kids have a white noise maker in their room to help them sleep with the same sounds, but it certainly isn’t an inspirational sound machine?    Perhaps it’s the wildlife… the birds feeding, the fish jumping, the dolphins cruising the surf…?

Or maybe it’s something bigger and more philosophical maybe it’s the idea of an ocean (or really the Gulf of Mexico) meeting the land? Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of tiny microscopic things happening in the sand around my feet and in the water as I sit an enjoy the enormity of our planet?

Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m sitting still, with no kids whining, no phone, no computer… just me and my butt sitting still. (Didn’t even have a fishing rod in my hand!)

What a fun question and… perhaps a fun challenge. If we could figure out the ingredients and mechanics of an inspirational experience like that, couldn’t we do better at everything we do by incorporating it into our lives, our marketing programs, our relationships, our speaking engagements, our products, and on and on? Wouldn’t life be better if every day had a little more “beach sunrise” in it?

Hmmmm… maybe there is something to this.

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  • TREEtopper says:

    wouldn’t it be cool if… you could bottle that magical morning and take it with you?  i think you can, it just takes a little more creativity/imagination than what nature does for us.  at the same time, let me know when you market your ‘beach in a bottle’ product.  i’ll be your first customer.

    May 17, 2012 at 12:22 am
    • Johnson Cook says:

      It’s possible. I just had to look for it.  For me, I found it by Lake Peachtree in Peachtree City on the trails around 7:30am.   Maybe it’s in the woods behind your house. Maybe it’s at Piedmont Park at the quiet time of day. There are beaches everywhere. You just have to find them. 

      May 23, 2012 at 10:07 am
  • Cara says:

    If you could bottle it, it wouldn’t be special. Part of the reason it feels special is because it isn’t an everyday experience. Everyday experiences become mundane and get lost — they become part of the routine. We need those inspirational moments to make us stop and appreciate/ponder/question the rest of our life. Without them, we would just keep going and going without picking our head up to smell the roses/view the ocean/breathe in the fresh air, etc. Sure, you can survive by doing that all the time (the going & going), but can you really live?

    May 23, 2012 at 12:12 pm
  • Noel Coleman says:

    I think the answer is so simple that it becomes hard to figure out. It’s being in tune with you. Knowing how you’re made and what inspires you. Maybe it’s a beach, but maybe it’s a mountain. Or, maybe it’s just a quiet night on the back deck with your wife. Maybe even just a good cup of your favorite hot beverage early in the morning in your office. The easy part is saying it. The hard part is knowing yourself well enough to know how to consistently replicate it.

    August 6, 2012 at 6:55 pm

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