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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Giddy about Right Now


“Everything that can be invented has already been invented.”
-Charles Duell, US Patent Office Commissioner, 1899

I love our time. Such an awesome time to be alive.  Such an awesome time to be creating companies! There is so much cool stuff happening right now, that often I just get giddy with excitement.     This post has no point other than to say how excited I am that we are so lucky to be in a period and in  a place where smart people are coming up with smarter tools and toys every day. To make it even better, the resources available to people who want to start companies and invent things have rarely been so plentiful.

Just think about it…

  • My car can drive itself. Seriously, with radar cruise control – it’s safer to leave it on cruise control all the way through downtown every day than for me to drive it– it always slows and stops when traffic is stopped and accelerates as traffic does.  It is virtually impossible to rear-end another car.   It even has lane departure prevention (yep, it turns me back into the lane if a drift) and backup collision prevention (it hard stops if anything moves in the rear camera view while reversing).  Imagine if every car had this technology.
  • The internet always knows our location.   Like it or not, there will only be more tracking of our travel patterns around our cities. How much useful stuff can come from geographic applications.
  • Facial recognition is getting easier. Minority Report style advertisements are beyond true. It’s all possible now!
  • The new Samsung Galaxy has eye tracking software to scroll when your eyes get to the bottom of the screen.
  • Google Glass!
  • Everything about this

Right now is fun.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!


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