Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Go Big or Don’t Go

This post goes out to those entrepreneurs who have been around the block once or twice and are actively seeking the next thing.  It’s not for the first time startup CEO.

Allen Nance is on a crusade to get Atlanta to GO BIG.   I’m in. I totally agree.

Here’s why it’s the only thing you should be considering if you are looking for your next thing…

Opportunities are everywhere.

Holy cow this is so true. There are really good ideas, smart people, great investment opportunities around every corner. They are everywhere! If you think there aren’t deals and good startups in Atlanta, then you aren’t spending enough time in Midtown at Spring and Fifth and Buckhead at Piedmont and Lenox.  There is an awe-inspiring amount of energy going into tech startups in Atlanta right now.  With so much quantity of opportunity, we have the unique luxury of waiting for a big one.  Take your time– you will find one.

It’s too easy to go small.

Everybody is starting something these days. Doing another one that fits in with the crowd doesn’t get me going, nor will it fire up a proven entrepreneur.  You know from the last one that this shit is hard. Really, really freaking hard.  You don’t need to be going into your next company thinking “money ball”… getting on base isn’t enough for the fire that you need to build a giant team, raise a ton of money, and create a world-changing product.

You owe it to the community.

You are in possession of the most expensive education an entrepreneur can posses. You’ve already been there. You know what is ahead of you.   You are the equivalent of a physician with a license to practice medicine and an MD after your name.  Put that education to work and do something bigger this time around.

But Johnson, why is this only going out to proven entrepreneurs? Are you saying I can’t go big the first time out?  What about (fill in the blank)?

Of course there are tons of companies that are successful from the first time. But this post is not about the reality of the success, size, or scope of the company: it’s about the MENTALITY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR.    Remember, my goal is to create entrepreneurial inspiration as fuel for entrepreneurs.  We should all be so lucky as Steve Jobs to have our own personal Reality-Distortion Field around us. Proven entrepreneurs have the self-awareness to engage this RDF and still get cool stuff done.




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