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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Half-Way Point – The Middle of the Pool or the Run


Half way pointYesterday morning on a swim at the gym I had a thought: When doing those hard, brutal laps, my favorite spot in the pool is in the very middle.   Then I realized my favorite spot on a run is typically the half-way point.

What’s so special about half-way?

Well, for one, I’ve just demonstrated that I can already accomplish the exact same amount that I have to go. That’s cool.   Even better: It’s a lot easier to capitalize on my momentum that I have at this moment, and keep going than it was to get out and get started on that first half.   This momentum and this confidence give me what I need to approach the second half as if there’s nothing to it. It will be easy!

I believe this can be applied to lots of areas of life.  Just pick something and consider that you are at the half-way point.

  • Let’s see, raising kids… I’d like to say getting them through baby years is coming to an end, sure some folks say the second half is the hard part, but that’s ok- we’ve got momentum and some confidence as parents.
  • Career wise, what if you consider that you’re at the half-way point of some critical phase. No matter what decade you are in, consider that you’re in a phase that is half way finished, you are proven, now it’s a simple matter of making the second half even better.
  • Financially, assuming you have achieved some financial traction in the last 5-years, how much better can you do in the next 5? Whether it’s savings in the bank or cashflow… you’re just half-way to somewhere. Just do that again and you will be proud of your progress!

Fun thoughts.

And now, it’s Friday and you are officially half way through this 2-week period. How did the first half go? Got some momentum to carry you forward?



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