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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Helping Others for an Energy Boost

We all have energy swings. Highs and lows. It’s unavoidable, especially if you live in startup land.

Here’s a tip: In periods of low energy, pushing pause on your own issues, life, and focus to think about someone else is a powerful way to break the hold of low energy.

Two ways I’ve found to make this happen, than can be useful to you as well.

A Mastermind Group

For me, this is my EO Forum.  I have to admit that there are some months where I look at that 4-hour commitment and just think there is no way I can find 4-hours to make that meeting happen. I dread the meeting and worry about all the things that are going to unravel if I go off the grid for that long in the middle of a week day.   But inevitably what happens, every single time is that I go into that [very] structured meeting, turn on my brain to help 7 other entrepreneurs with equally heavy loads, and leave re-centered, re-focused, and energized about my own situation.

The strangest thing is: most of the time, my business isn’t the center of attention. Yet my business receives the benefit of me taking time to focus on others.   If entrepreneurs haven’t found a Mastermind group, I recommend making that a top priority in 2015.  

Mentoring Someone Else

Mentor-mentee relationships are great. In the same spirit as a mastermind group, you take time to focus on someone else’s situation. You think about how they can get from point A to point B. Not only will you find satisfaction in sitting down on a regular basis to think about another person, but when they grow and succeed, you get the parental-ish joy of having played a part. 

Startups are hard as hell. When you’re in the grind and need a boost, take some time to think about where you can go to give some energy to someone else. That usually ends up coming back in a big way. 


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