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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Hiring Opportunities are Everywhere

Jack Daly is the trainer who finally made it click for me.

For the key roles in your company (usually, this is sales and engineering), you should have a Top 15 recruits list at all times. The reasoning is that when (not if) you need to hire these key positions, you need to have named targets ready to go. “A” players don’t just wait for your job postings and then send in their resume. Top performers must be recruited.

Think of a pro sports team. When the Falcons (I hate to say it), are ready for a new quarterback (soon? maybe?), do you expect them to post a job on Craigslist?! Hell no. When you want a new engineer, do you want a guy waiting for posts to pop on craigslist or do you want the top guy at [Fill in Awesome Tech Co Here]?

When you get in the mindset of keeping a Top 15 list, you will find yourself always recruiting.

Some of the random places I’ve found myself recruiting:

  • Uber Drivers. Big time! These are folks who want some extra cash and are self-starting enough to use their car and sign up and start giving rides.
  • Kids selling stuff door-to-door. Not the sad Comcast guy who can’t get any other job. I mean the 14 year old neighborhood kid who decides he’s going to crush the class fundraiser and do it the hard way.
  • All fine arts and sports programs. Any hobby/sport/art that requires focus, practice, hard work, dedication, and a competitive edge is a great start.
  • Races. Runners are intense. I will give an interview to a runner over a non-runner any day of the week.


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