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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Hot Hot Themes in B2B SaaS Startup Opportunities


Following up on the post from Sunday about types of businesses I like the best, I’d like to share some more forward looking ideas about startups that I like.   In Atlanta Ventures, we have a solid strength in B2B SaaS, and within this opportunity area, there are some themes that we see and love.   I wouldn’t consider these the same as Foundry Group’s Investment Themes; meaning, we aren’t limiting ourselves to investments in these areas. But these just get me extra fired up.

Automation. Sure marketing automation is hot, but there is so much more automation that can happen now. With tools like Kevy now connecting our data, business processes that are still done manually can no be automated to a level never before possible.

Predictive.  This are of Big Data is definitely bleeding edge of SaaS — but I think it’s about to explode. Given all the data we have now and the simplicity of connecting, evaluating, and leveraging it, making predictions about things we’ve not normally tried to predict is a huge area.

Data ownership.  Big Data is the new awesome wild west. There are now new opportunities in a whole new value chain. The collectors of data. The aggregators of data. The ideas of what to do with data. The services to implement the ideas. Obviously, the person with the most value potential in this chain is the person who owns the data. Whether it’s collection, gathering, generating– the ownership is key.

What an exciting time with all of this. I feel like a B2B SaaS MacGyver could really make a ton of money right now.



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