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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

How You Do Meetings as a Leader: No Action Items


About 9 months ago, a successful entrepreneur shared with me that he doesn’t take notepads into meetings with his staff because he makes it a point to be sure he doesn’t bring away any action items for himself.  He shared with me that a key to fully trusting your team and effective delegation is to resist the urge that most entrepreneurs have to do so much ourselves.

Over my journey, I’ve been a big offender of this. I get so much satisfaction out of the technician side of entrepreneurship that it’s a hard habit to change. I love spreadsheets. I love researching a product, technology or idea. I love tinkering. I love signing up for demos of web apps and trying them out. I love posting jobs, reviewing resumes (at least the first 30), an inquiring about pricing. I even love making sales calls, doing demos, and working on tradeshow booths.  And flow-charts and process diagrams, yeah baby, hot stuff!  It’s all tons of fun to me. I’m realizing though that this way of thinking has been a significant limiting factor for me and for my teams.

Truly handing off and trusting the team is the only way you can accelerate to big things. You have to let go.

The simple act of going into meetings empty handed is difficult, symbolic, and most of all… a good start to a new way of thinking.


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