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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Inspirational Results – David Cummings’ Pardot Acquired by Exact Target for almost $100mm


I have to publish a bonus today, because I’m so excited and proud of my friend David Cummings.  If I am going to write a blog about entrepreneurial inspiration, then it would be a sin not to give David some huge props this week!

As you probably know by now, last week, David’s company, Pardot, was acquired by Exact Target for a deal worth $95,500,000.00. I had to write out the zeroes because it just looks so darn sexy.  Yes, the results of this success are sexy.

David is an inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs. He has built multiple amazing companies, and now there is an amazing story that will attract global attention and validation to his talents. David’s leadership and example in the Atlanta entrepreneurial community are truly far reaching and that is awesome.

However… You won’t ever find David jumping around to be the center of attention at a party. You won’t find him caffeinated and yelling on stage telling people to get excited. You would never even find him trying to raise money and convince VC’s that he can be the next big thing. (Yes, Pardot was bootstrapped.)

Instead, David is the type to focus on the task at hand, leverage extreme discipline, self-control, and laser focus.  He has focused energy.   If you were trying to fire-up a bunch of high-schoolers about entrepreneurship, these are not the things you would talk most about.

What you would talk about are the results. The zeroes in the results are inspirational.  The hard work without the results may not even be worth talking about. But with the results, the picture comes together to give energy and excitement to thousands. Be inspired by Pardot’s success, but make don’t make the mistake of thinking that getting there is like buying a lottery ticket.




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