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Energized. Seeking perpetual inspiration as entrepreneurial fuel.

Johnson Cook - Energized. Seeking perpetual inspiration as entrepreneurial fuel.

Introducing Voxa

Gmail to SalesforceOver the past year, I’ve made it no secret around the Atlanta Tech Village that I’ve had the itch to build another company. One can only be a maker of delicious dog food around for so long before one wants to eat some of it! So now it’s time to eat some dog food, finally!

After evaluating several hundred startup ideas over 14 months, David Cummings and I finally landed on something that we felt was right there in the sweet spot for us personally, for the market, for where painkiller index is high, and our knowledge is pretty strong.

We call it Voxa.
Voxa is called the world’s first Automated CRM Assistant.

Where many are trying to disrupt with a brand new competitive CRM, we believe there is a better opportunity to alleviate the pain of using CRMs like without actually replacing the CRM. The momentum, App ecosystem, and adoption is so awesome around Salesforce  that large implementations won’t be leaving any time soon.  Instead, let’s just automate some of the most painful tasks for its users. Let’s remove the hurdles that keep people from maximizing the value of their CRM. Let’s crush the friction between Sales Managers who want to measure, track, and monitor every ounce of activity and the Sales Reps and Account Managers who simply want to do their jobs, work with customers, close deals, and deliver happy results.

Dealing with a CRM is modern day paperwork.

Voxa is almost 90 days old and we’ve iterated through about a dozen samples,  experiments, and ideas of the best MVP of where to start tackling the product. We’ve landed on a Chrome Extension (soon to be a full blown web app in the February release) that first tackles the bridge between Gmail and Here’s how it works.

  • Once you connect Voxa to, login to Gmail in Chrome.
  • When Voxa is turned on (we call it AutoPilot mode), it automatically logs every e-mail you send into your CRM.  If the recipient doesn’t exist, we use a growing list of logical assumptions to add them with their relevant information, in the right place, and associated with the right things.
  • That’s it!  There is tons of logic and intelligence in the background deciding how Voxa works with your CRM.  In addition, you have a variety of options for teaching Voxa who to ignore, and if you forget to ignore someone, you always have a history of what Voxa has done for you in and can undo actions from forever into the past.

Based on our first 15 or so companies using the Beta version, we are seeing strong patterns in feature requests to make it more powerful.  Look for some pretty awesome things coming down the pipe very quickly. It is so much fun to be back in the saddle, building, and growing something!

Many have asked, so I will answer here: Yes, I will continue as one of the Directors of the Village (after all, I was the only one of the 3 directors who didn’t have a startup!), and will continue my work in Atlanta Ventures  reviewing Accelerator Applicants and Angel investments… although admittedly, the time dedicated to these will be reduced.

As we’ve launched Voxa, I also have to confess that the biggest time impact has been writing this blog. My morning routine of writing has been disrupted by loads of recruiting e-mails, new user sign-ups, analytics reports, server usage log reviews, and other neat stuff.  I’ll need to re-center to find the new normal, but don’t plan to let blogging go! Thanks for tagging along. This is going to be a fun ride.  Like I’ve been saying… Atlanta is the BEST place to start a company. See… watch this! If you’d like to Use Voxa, go give it a try now.



  • Bob Cramer

    Good luck, Johnson, with Voxa. Sound exciting. Also, many thanks for all you have done and continue to do for Atlanta’s tech community.

    • Johnson Cook

      Thanks Bob— the same thanks back to you and all those who have paved the way. It’s a great time here.

  • Jon Birdsong

    As a Voxa user, I can say it’s a huge time saver! Congratulations JC!

    • Johnson Cook

      Thanks JonnyBird. And when our first, sales reps start this week, we’re looking forward to getting up and running at full speed.

  • Suresh May

    Excellent idea Johnson! You’re the man!

  • John LeBlanc

    Congrats, Johnson. Best wishes for continued success.

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