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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Let’s Clarify Value Rigidity – Don’t Misunderstand Me


Motorcycle MondaysIn last week’s Motorcycle Monday post, I talked about the concept and “gumption trap” of value rigidity.  When you are focused on a project and you get stuck, you experience stuckness. Stuckness causes you to re-evaluate what you think is important to get the project done. Stuckness means the project changed from what you thought it was to what it actually is.  So in order to get the job done, you have to refocus your priorities… also known as “values.”


Let’s not get confused here between priorities that are labeled values and actual, deep down, CORE VALUES.  Of course life is made up of layers and “values” are the same way.  Maslow tells us this, you know. Of course what is most important to me today wouldn’t actually be as important to me if I hadn’t had a decent meal in a week.   What I believe is critical to my own personal success would change completely if I didn’t have a loving family surrounding me, awesome friends, and amazing resources.

So I think it’s important to just remind ourselves that everything in life is layered.   Life is dynamic, life is complicated, life is layered.   And as Pirsig reminds us, you have to sit still and quiet long enough to understand where you are in the layers and to know when you need to adjust some priority or “value” that may be keeping you from achieving a quality life.


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