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Living up to my Posts


EO Atlanta 2012/13 Board

EO Atlanta 2012/13 Board

One of the most awesome aspects of blogging is the requirement that now comes with living up to my posts.  Even though I won’t call them “advice,” they may occasionally come across that way… which means I better be eating the mess I’m peddling! If ever there is a post that I would consider advice, it would be the one on giving. Give, give, give! Well, I’m now in an awesome situation where I have the opportunity to live up to that post by participating on the Board of EO Atlanta.

You see, my problem with volunteer positions is that I have too many ideas. When you have too many ideas in a volunteer role, and you make the mistake of sharing those ideas, guess what happens… yep, everyone agrees with your idea and then you have a room full of people waiting in dead silence for you to say “And I would be happy to head that up myself…”

So here are some of the reasons I am admittedly excited about this opportunity:

  1. Putting more on my plate will require me to work even hard to manage my time efficiently. I will be forced to constantly prioritize, question my goals, my values, reward-to-time payoffs, and more. Not just in the EO demands, but in everything. I can’t let EO suffer from neglect or cause other areas of life to suffer from EO.
  2. I will be forced to learn better delegation. I have to admit- I suck at delegation. Things are so much easier to do myself than to explain to someone how I want them done. Yet in this role, engaging other members isn’t only helpful to more GSD (getting s*uff done), but it allows them the opportunity to be rewarded from giving as well.
  3. I don’t know what I don’t know. This will be a huge learning experience for me, and I can’t wait. I believe in lifelong learning. Just like keeping up this blog has been a learning experience, so will living up to the honor of the Board position.

I guess if I am to believe my own writings, then I am pretty much guaranteed an amazing and rewarding experience in this role.. why? Because I know I am going to be putting in a lot of time and energy… and few sayings hold as much truth as:  “You get out what you put in.” 

Have you volunteered for anything yet? What are you waiting for?


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  • Kathy Wilson says:

    For the uninformed, what is EO Atlanta? Naturally the E is for Entrepreneur…?

    May 30, 2012 at 12:35 pm

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