Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Look Forward to the Immense Satisfaction


Have you ever had that feeling after a long day of hard work (especially hard physical labor) that you completely maximized the day, made the most of every minute, have a lot to show for it, and more than likely enjoyed every second of it?

I believe that’s what we should shoot for in everything we do. Think about a spring Saturday filled with yard work — you don’t have any part of the day that you don’t connect to progress. Even if you take some time to plan your project, that planning time doesn’t feel like wasted time.  Your breaks are good solid breaks– because your body needs the rest.

There aren’t any meetings where you don’t understand the point of the meeting. There aren’t any routines that you don’t understand and do out of habit. You are just working. Sleeves rolled up, gloves on working… and every minute spent is connected to the larger goal.

This is good old fashioned gumption. This is how great companies are built. This is how people accomplish big tasks. Focused action with visible results.

The moral of the story is to look towards that late afternoon beer gazing with pride upon your completed work. Be excited about what you will see when you look back on what you are building now. Focusing on the results will help give you energy. Hopefully it will be an inspired energy… the best kind.


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