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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Meet the friendly folks of Gumptionville



Gumptionville: sure it can be in a beautiful place, right?

I had this vision the other day of a town where every single individual possessed loads of gumption. Here are some of the images in my mind that I believe would be alive in this town, let’s called it GUMPTIONVILLE.

  • First and of extreme importance: There is no concept of unemployment. Not only is it ZERO. It isn’t understood.  The idea of not having a “job” simply does not exist.
  • Second, on public services:
    • Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics are extremely busy. People aren’t timid about cutting down their own trees, fixing their roofs, and doing other things that perhaps risk management would advise against.
    • Criminals are terrified. There is very little crime because every citizen is just waiting for someone to do something wrong so they can take the stand against it.   (Yeah, and probably everyone carries some sort of tool for this need…if you get me.)
    • For the previous reason, cops may be a little frustrated. A town full of Gumptioners is a town full of people fixing their own problems. Maybe not how the cops like it.
    • Here’s one for the cops: Speeding ticket fines are probably the top source of revenue for the town, because once people slow down enough to figure out what they need to do, where they need to go, they want to get there FAST.
  • Politicians are more DO and less TALK.  You see them in jeans and work gloves more than you see them in suits.
  • Everyone carries some sort of tool in their car:
    • hedge trimmers– in case some bushes interfere with sidewalk traffic
    • litter bags– when people see trash, they pick it up
    • car repair tools– this would be the best place in the world to break down. Anyone would have 5 cars stop with capable and willing repair people.
  • I suspect house cleaning services are pretty busy. True Gumptioners outsource the things that can be outsourced so they can focus on really productive things… BUT, they also understand that neatness and staying organized and clean is key to thriving.
  • The schools are packed with a steady stream of parents all day, every day, assisting the teachers, being involved and present in the children’s education.
  • There is no picture hanging crooked on a wall anywhere.
  • Magazines in waiting rooms are always organized, probably by category (sports, parenting, arts, etc…).. but never done by the staff.
  • At community events, there are no name tags. Everyone takes it upon themselves to learn everyone else’s name.
  • Everyone smiles. Everywhere. All the time.
  • Churches of all types are packed on Sundays. Folks who aren’t in church are sitting beside the water somewhere. Or in the woods. Or just somewhere quiet.
  • The town can’t build enough parks because at sunrise and sunset every day, people go to sit and enjoy nature. People also go there to run, bike, kayak, play, and be active. (Gyms are packed too.. but only for really bad weather.)
  • Restaurants thrive because Gumptioners love socializing and being together.
  • The airport is busy at all times, because Gumptioners love going places, seeing and meeting new people, experiencing new things.

These are just a few of the top thoughts that come to my head. What else can you imagine would describe the town of Gumptionville?



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