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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

My Favorite Productivity Tools

As we begin a new year, I love taking inventory of how I work and exploring new tools. I’ve done this post before, but it’s good for me to revisit.

My top tools that help me be more productive:

GMail Web Client. My keyboard shortcuts have me rocking and rolling. Not being attached to a single computer and always being web-based is the only way to live. I can’t imagine going back to a desktop mail client. I hear good things about the new, so I’m not saying I’m Gmail forever, just that I’m web-based for the mid-term future. (with an email connector). I spend a good bit of time each day reviewing the conversations with our team and our customers. I like to see what the customers are saying mostly. I just start by sorting our Open Opportunities by Last Activity and see the latest conversation on each one.

Evernote. Still my favorite tool for blogging and meeting note taking because I am always in sync with my laptop, phone, and cloud.

Google Docs. I’m finding the need to use Excel is going down as Spreadsheets has gotten better.

FullStory. Being a product focused company, it is important to me to see stats about how people are using our app. It’s now a regular part of my routine.

Personally: FitBit Aria… I love this little scale. I step on it every morning and it tracks my weight and body fat. I have the last 2 years of weight in my phone and always at my fingertips.

Agenday by PGi. I’ve [almost] stopped using the native iOS calendar for this amazing app. It helps me jump into conference calls, pull up Salesforce data, see LinkedIn profiles, even get maps to meetings or send notes to all the attendees. This little [free!] app is super powerful and worth checking out.

I love productivity apps, so if you have one, feel free to post it in the comments.

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