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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Never Let it Bother You

When something bothers you, it brings your energy down. As someone who has decided to work hard to stay “up and to the right” in the energy quadrant. (Up is high energy vs. low energy and right is positive energy vs. negative energy), anything that is on your mind pulling you down needs to be dealt with.

The way I handle these things is my leaning on my core value of being Open and Direct. I just address it. Deal with it so you can move on.

You may need to accept that because of this, people think you have no filter and you say anything that comes to your mind even if it’s not the softest thing to say. This is true. But you have chosen to address things, rather than let them bother you.

This should be included in the “Memo about working with Me,” if I were to write one. It would include this line:

“Johnson is open and direct. If he notices something that he doesn’t care for, that bothers him, or causes him to have anxiety, he will say something about it. He won’t hold back. Don’t be offended. This is how he is wired.”

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