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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

One Thing – Lesson from my Taping at Atlanta Tech Edge


Yesterday I had a fun experience.  I was on set at the taping of Atlanta’s new show about tech companies called Atlanta Tech Edge.  I’ve enjoyed participating on the advisory board of the show already, but yesterday my involvement went to a new level as I sat down in front of the camera and were interviewed by the show’s host, Wes Moss.

The first thing that everyone says who has gone before me to do these interviews in the WXIA studio is that time goes by so fast.   It’s a 6 minute interview, which, in TV land is a long time, but for an entrepreneur who wants to talk about his all consuming mission… that’s a millisecond.   So a friend who has been PR trained gave me this advice:

Be sure that you decide in advance the one thing that you want to say in the interview, and no matter what question they ask you, just say the one thing over and over, framing it different views. 

DConATEConsidering my “one thing” to say about the Atlanta Tech Village was a fun exercise. After going through lots of iterations, I finally came down to the one thing that I’d want to say about the Atlanta Tech Village is that it’s a place for people who are DOING.

Our tag line is cool people, doing cool things.  I think the verb is the key. Villagers are people who are done talking and have started doing.  How inspiring is that!?   We are about people who just start.  We want to encourage people to start. We want to help those people who start.  So if you’re out there watching the Village from the periphery, my advice to you is to just GO.  DO!

Even though I did a terrible job of actually getting this message across in the interview, I am happy to have a new “one thing” on my mind when I talk about the Village.

The Village show on Atlanta Tech Edge is scheduled to air Sun Aug 25 at 11am on 11Alive/NBC (immediately after Meet the Press).


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