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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Outsource Everything

Outsource Everything is a mantra that was told to me by the same mentor who likes to remind me that “time is not a limiting factor, you are the limiting factor.” In this case, it’s not just a business tip. It’s a life tip. I try to think about this whenever possible when I find myself doing time-consuming mundane tasks.

This can work for you too. First, you have to assume that your time is actually worth money. If it’s not, then you have other issues. Once you’ve made an agreement with yourself that your time is worth money, then you can start to hunt for big areas where you can reclaim large amounts of time by outsourcing life.

Here are some random ideas I’ve heard on outsourcing life.

  • Housecleaning. Duh.
  • Laundry. Duh.
  • Dry cleaning. I have a friend who realized that just going to and from cleaners was a massive inefficiency so found a cleaner who drops off and picks up at his house.
  • Car washes. Stacey at the Village is awesome.
  • Yard work… that’s a tricky one for me. Currently outsourced, but I have to admit I miss it. Mowing used to be good clear thinking time.

Outsourcing is a useful way to add more time to your life. If you think you’re busy, think again… look again for ways to create time for yourself… then look one more time.

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