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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Peace in the Chaos


Hurricane and Peace in the ChaosOne of the most influential people in my life was my friend and youth pastor at Covington First United Methodist Church, Rev. Dr. Royeese Stowe. Royeese is now an ordained minister and the Sr. Pastor of Chamblee UMC in Atlanta. I have Royeese to thank about helping me understand the idea of having Peace among the Chaos.

This concept has helped me through life and I feel it is absolutely mandatory part of having the fuel and perpetual intrinsic inspiration, that is needed to be an effective entrepreneur, dad, or person.   It’s the principal behind my number one personal core value: Self Aware and At Peace.  

Do you consider yourself at peace?

To put it another way: a friend was telling me about how his wife who is a school teacher of middle school aged children. She describes the concept by saying she can tell which kids “have a quiet mind.”

Do you have a quiet mind?

I’ll admit that I can’t describe the concept with accuracy. It’s too big to describe with words. I can only tell you places that I see it and feel it, and how it has helped me.

One way I like to think about it is in a musical context. I love when a song has a lot going on. Multiple melodies that musicians call “counter-melodies;” or when pop music overlays a traditional song with their own interpretation. You get words overlapping, tunes contradicting each other, and you can tell that this is not a song the way we expect songs to be. It’s too much!    Yet somehow it all fits together. It creates music from multiple melodies that you can’t whistle. You can’t sing it by yourself. You can hear all that is going on and maybe pick out one part of the song and hum along, but you can’t really create the feeling of the whole experience fitting together.  This to me is peace in the chaos.

I think having a healthy spirit in general is the sign of being at peace. It’s usually obvious of the people you know, who is at peace and who is perhaps struggling with who they are. It’s not confidence, but it looks similar. It’s not shyness, but it can be quiet.   It’s not holier-than-thou, but it’s humility.  If you can spot it, you will usually find yourself being impressed with the person and wanting to spend more time with them. I am always attracted to these people because they show incredible emotional intelligence and self-awareness. I want to learn from these people and be inspired by these people, and you should too.

Now go find some peace.   You won’t believe the energy that comes from being at peace.




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