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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

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NAVY SEAL JUMPYesterday, Margaret and I attended a fantastic workshop by Tommy Newberry. Tommy runs a program called the 1% Club. He stands for all the things that I believe are most important. Goal setting, being intentional, managing your family life first, work second, living beyond good but great, and living to inspire others.

One of the neatest parts of the workshop was the opportunity to create a personal creed. We learned a lot about the Navy Seals: their training, their missions, their creed. We explored how we can apply that level of intensity to our own lives.   One of the end results is a personal creed. I encourage you to work with someone like Tommy or your personal forum to help create your own personal creed. (I happen to run a company that helps people connect with each other in personal mastermind forums and do programs like creating a personal creed! Check it out.)  It is an awesome experience to write this… and reading it aloud in the morning is super fun.

Here’s mine… but get your own!

The Creed of Johnson Cook 

I grow strong relationships with others by being interested with thoughts and actions in what is truly important to them. I turn ideas into lasting companies by picking up the phone and selling, first and foremost. When I lose an opportunity, I will immediately find another to replace it. I will work harder on the deal that follows than I did on the deal that lost. 

I succeed as an entrepreneur only by working intensely on my family’s success. I remain sharp by always exercising with a goal in mind. I read or meditate every day with positive books and thoughts. I am self-aware and at peace.  I aim for financially enabled freedom.  I am intense in everything I do, at all times.  I am open and direct.  I seek laughter as I embrace air to breathe.  I relentlessly pursue financial success for the purpose of achieving a higher-level of freedom and independence.   I avoid negative people. I avoid people who limit me or wish me to be limited. 

I acknowledge my fears so they can be overcome. I help others at all times when the help does not go against one of my seven core values. When I identify an opportunity to help others that also accelerate my pursuit of my own goals and core values, I will make this my top priority above all else.





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