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Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Potential Sucks!


I think it’s going to be a while before I get this “energy” metaphor out of my system. I’ll probably have to exhaust my Physics I knowledge before I move on.

Remember potential energy and kinetic energy?  The way I remember it is to think about the roller coaster. At the top of the first run it has all potential energy and very little kinetic energy, but by the bottom of the first fall, you are zooming because of your kinetic energy and have a lot less potential energy.  (If that doesn’t make sense, can someone put in the comments a link to a basic physics lesson for us?)

I hereby propose that when it comes to our lives, potential sucks!  I remember through the high school graduation period of life all the old folks brag about the kids and how much potential they have. You have the potential to conquer the world, to become a surgeon, or a successful whatever.  That’s all fine and good, but at some point it is time to recognize the potential energy and cash it in for some kinetic energy. Get some motion. Do something with the potential!  If you are living life to it’s fullest, then shouldn’t that mean by the end of each day you are drained of all potential energy, and have more motion than you had the day before? If you kick the can in your sleep tonight, does it make you proud to know that at your funeral in 3 short days they will be talking about how much potential you had for the world!? Screw that. Do something with it TODAY.

Sure there are risks and dangers with moving too fast without thinking. So think! Sure you have to be reasonable and not do crazy things. So be reasonable, but be crazy at the same time.

One thing is true: if you are moving you can change directions faster than if you are motionless. When you change directions, you learn. When you learn, you go faster.  When you go faster, you learn faster.   Get the point yet?

I’ve gone through several periods of my life where I really built up the potential energy without knowing it. I didn’t focus on my motion and my pace through life and what ends up happening is that goals start looking farther away because I slowed my progress towards them.  Usually in those times, something happens that makes me take a step in a different direction… and what happens? BOOM, motion! You don’t know how fast you can go if you aren’t moving.

So here’s the point: If you know where potential energy exists, exploit it. Turn it into something great.

So stop reading this stupid blog and go do something!

with love, JC  :)



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  • Charles Gardner says:

    done reading this “stupid blog” and getting to work! great entry Johnson

    April 11, 2012 at 11:55 pm
  • Noel Coleman says:

    I would argue that nobody knows what potential energy exists until they begin creating the kinetic. (of course this isn’t true in actual physics) But as you build your kinetic energy, you get more potential. In this case an analogy to a muscle getting built is a good one. You have no idea how big or strong your biceps can be until you start lifting. And the more you lift, the more potential for growth you have. (Of couse this, like all analogies, breaks down at a certain point.)

    August 2, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    • Johnson Cook says:

      Hate to disappoint a Ninja looking for a good argument, but I don’t disagree with you. ” argue that nobody knows what potential energy exists until they begin creating the kinetic… But as you build your kinetic energy, you get more potential. ” I ABSOLUTELY AGREE THAT you get more potential as you get more kinetic (as far as personal energy goes)… that’s why I hate potential. That means if you are getting stronger muscles, you should be USING THEM more. So the pursuit of more kinetic is the goal.. building potential, just to store it up is pointless. Unless you are ninja looking to go fight street gangs. Then save some of your potential energy for the big attack, Noel.

      August 6, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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