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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Processing Time


Dr. Steve Dodson said it best yesterday (paraphrasing):    On some levels we know the right thing to do is to keep ordinary life moving, keep our heads up and remind ourselves that the sun will continue to come up… but at the same time, we know that some things are so horrific that none of our plans to move forward seem appropriate.

As for the Cook family, having a house full of kids, the oldest being the exact same age as many of last week’s victims — this has been a tough one for us. I was only 22 on 9/11, and definitely felt some emotional tie to the tragedy, but I have to admit it doesn’t compare to this punch in the gut.

I had a few posts lined up to push out this week, but they don’t feel quite right now.  I also don’t know what to publish, but I feel it is important to acknowledge the tragedy and welcome anyone who wants to speak with me to drop me a note.   JohnsonCook at gmail.  I plan to do as the good minister suggested and find the middle ground between moving on and taking time to pause.

Otherwise, let’s acknowledge that in the coming weeks, we all need processing time. Let’s not force the process and let’s not drag it out. Just letting it happen is what I plan to do.



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