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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Quench Network Takeaway Numero Dos – Where’s the Beef


When I was sharing my plans to launch Quench Network with friends and colleagues, there were some who questioned whether the forum experience would be meaningful to young professionals. Would they be interested in going beyond the surface? Would they be willing to open up? To humble themselves, admit problems, weaknesses and fears.

Well, that’s takeaway #2 from last weeks inaugural forum of Quenchers:  people found it refreshing to have a place where you can skip the small talk, skip the BS, and talk about something real in a group of peers where they can relate and help.

The forum meeting structure in Quench is so tightly managed that it forces the members to speak succinctly and on-purpose. We only share our experiences, we do not give advice to each other. We only ask clarifying questions and we don’t disguise advise in the form of questions. When we give our updates and talk about our issues, we do it in only a couple of minutes, so we leave out the fluff.  These tools and more bring people to the meat faster, and it worked really well.

My only wish is that more of life could be like this: less small talk, and more meat. I love meat.


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