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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Ridiculously Good Life

With three kids under 10 in our house, “domestic operations” is a pretty busy department.  The food service area is a big part of that. Getting the team fed, keeping the kitchen stocked, and doing it on a repeated basis day in and day out is no small job. 

Recently, our dishwasher went out for a week.   A circuit board went out and needed to be re-ordered and it would take a while. (Who knew that computers are even washing our dishes?!)

Let’s just say you don’t appreciate certain things in life until you live without them.  For us, it took about 36 hours to realize that some dramatic workflow changes needed to happen to live life sans automatic dishwasher.  It meant even the lowest level staff (3 years old), needed to join the party by grabbing a towel once in a while and pitching in.  We tried to use fewer dishes, more paper plates or paper towels, and generally were always aware that if we used it, we would be washing it by hand.

This week, we have our dishwasher back.  Just this morning as I went to grab a clean coffee cup from it, I realized how amazing our life is with a dishwasher.  Like, really amazing.  

It was a nice reminder that our life overall is ridiculously, amazing, almost disgustingly good. The automation and comfort surrounding us is awe inspiring. Human innovation is awesome.   

It’s healthy to remember this. It’s healthy to say it out loud.  

God Bless Dishwashers. 

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