Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Self Aware and At Peace

Self Aware and At Peace.

My personal core values are equal and not ranked. Except this one. This one is the most important one. 

Without being self-aware and at peace, nothing else will happen.

This is two separate values that are attached as one. That distinction is important.

First, to be truly self-aware is extremely difficult. It takes constant inward evaluation and even more external soaking in of the world around you.  

It takes being quiet, but also paying attention. It takes experimentation to find your limits. It takes a lot of reading. It takes a lot of time considering what being spiritual means to you. Self aware comes first.

Once you have self-awareness, that’s when you can evaluate whether you are “at peace.”   When you are at peace, you will know it most when the shitstorm of chaos lands on your life.    

Peace is almost a luxury when life is cruising along and all is good. However, peace is the difference in life and death when your world comes crashing down.

The bottom line on being self-aware and at peace is that it will be different for every person. You have to find what it means for you and check it every day. 

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