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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Self Pity Binging

Breaking Bad - Self Pity


I’ve never done meth. (But I do love the show Breaking Bad.) I also have heard the ad campaigns about the dangers of meth saying “Don’t even try it once… you’re hooked.”

I believe there is something just as dangerous for high-performers. Self-pity.

Once you try it once, it can become addicting. Once you feel sorry for yourself, you chip away at your confidence.  In the house of cards that is intense mental focus, confidence is the foundation row of cards.  You must maintain confidence in your passion, in yourself, in your abilities.

Self pity can be attractive. Maybe just take a day and mope. Maybe just give into the feeling that this month you just won’t hit your numbers, so why even try.

What happens next is that you become the victim of everything. If only I had _____.   I can’t be expected to ____ when I’m so ____. Poor me, poor me.

Then you’re stuck. It’s almost impossible to get out of self-pity binge. Even when your personal Master Mind forum and alliances try to smack you back into shape, you’ve got all the excuses lined up as to why they are wrong about you. You aren’t as great as they say. They don’t even know how pitiful you really are.  Poor you.

So you see, just don’t do it. Avoid self-pity binges like… well, like you avoid meth….  I HOPE!!



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