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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Slow Music, Slow Mind, Fast Feet


Peachtree City Running - Golf Cart Trails

PTC Running Trails (at Battery Park by Lake Peachtree)

Sunday morning runs are my favorite. I go as early as I can stand, usually before daylight. I usually schedule these to be my long and fast runs. They are good hard workouts.   I love sitting in church later in the morning with legs aching. I feel like I give my whole body a workout on Sunday mornings– all the important stuff gets pushed.

I may have mentioned in past posts that I’m a music runner. I need music when I’m running. Occasionally I can do a book from, but only if it’s a subject that excites me. No business books.  95% of the time though, it’s music for me.

I can’t do the hard/loud/fast music for very long. My feet try to keep up and I end up exhausting myself too early and have a miserable workout. For these long Sunday morning runs though, I’ve found that the slower, more mellow, more relaxed my soundtrack, the harder, faster, and more energy my legs have. It’s an awesome feeling. Laid back acoustic guitars while my feet are cruising through the trails in Peachtree City is an awesome juxtaposition of mental states.  My mind is quiet. My legs hurt and its great. Thoughts are clear. Long-term focus, big-picture perspective becomes available to me, and it gives me the mental capacity to push the body to levels that I can’t otherwise achieve.

When the music gets slow and mellow, the body starts happening in synch. There is rhythm, and it is good.

And I am happy.



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