Johnson Cook

Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Something to Stand For


When you don’t know what you stand for… what if you decide to stand for the person beside you?

I am continually inspired by the military training for soldiers on supporting, protecting, and lifting up each other in combat.

They will never leave a man behind. Never.  They will fall on the grenade to save the team.  They will take the bullet their mate doesn’t see coming.  This is what elite military forces use as their ultimate strength and advantage in battle.

Their strength is their willingness to die for the man or woman next to them.

In my research on employee happiness, I’ve found that a major theme is that the happiest people give a lot of praise to their peers.   Where there is praise, there is also support on every level… physical, emotional, mental, political… total support.  The employees giving praise, giving support, giving to their team mates are the happiest ones out there.

As we talk about a society full of folks that struggle to find what they stand for, something to consider:

If you aren’t sure what you stand for, consider how meaningful your life could become if you decide that you stand for the people around you. What if you decide that your ultimate mission in life is to support and lift up your own family, or your friends, or your coworkers, or total strangers?   What if that could be your focus, your calling, your mission?

What if your strength and ultimate advantage is that you become willing to die for the guy next to you?

Now we’re talking.


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