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Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Johnson Cook - Atlanta tech investor. Entrepreneur.

Start with One

Rev. Bill Britt at Peachtree Road had a great message this week about missions and how you can help the world be a better place. The bottom line was this: don’t let the size of any task be a factor in your decision to start. 

Whether you are trying to eradicate a disease from Africa, end hunger for children, provide clean water for areas of the world that have never had it, you always have to start somewhere. Start with one child. One water filter.   One small donation.  

The same applies to your startup.   You don’t have to close all of your customers in one day, build your entire product in one sprint, or find the answers to all your problems this year.   The best place to start is the biggest one thing you can do today.   Start with one customer. Focus on their problems, relentlessly work on solving them.  Build one feature.  Start somewhere.

The same applies to your life. Reading, writing, exercising. You don’t have to finish a book this week. But why not pick one up and read 10 pages today?   No person will criticize you for writing a single blog post on Medium. It can take less than 30 minutes. Who knows, you might write another one tomorrow.    How about getting healthy?  You don’t have to lose the weight or build the habit today. But start with 1 mile.   Start with 1 lunch where you have a salad instead of the burger.  

Just start with one. This is how you make change.

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